How to Change MAC Address on Android working 100%

How to Change MAC Address on Android working 100%

If you want to know How to Change MAC Address on Android Device. this article will help you to understand the process.

A unique address is given to the device network interface is the MAC address or the Computer Access Control address. System cards like those for WiFi, Bluetooth, and so on ought to have specific MAC addresses doled out to them on your Android phone or notebook.

Such addresses are utilized to recognize devices on a system with a certain goal in mind. In spite of the fact that organize interfaces, for example, switches distribute the IP address, MAC addresses are set for devices and allocated by the seller, hard-coded to the device’s system equipment.

Why change the MAC address?

  • The most critical factor for this would be protection. With straightforward gadgets, everybody on your nearby Ethernet system will see your MAC address easily. This gives a programmer to monitor your devices (thus, you) possibly. This is a danger when you’re on an open remote location. like you are using a free WiFi from the coffee shop.
  • On the off chance that your unique MAC address is open and uncovered, a programmer can utilize it to imitate you. Access is constrained on numerous systems dependent on IP address, so the programmer can utilize your MAC address to get to the system when you got disconnected.
How to Change MAC Address on Android working 100%
  • You can change the MAC address on the PC you need to use (with a MAC address that really has utilized) and utilize the system in the event that you need to get to a system that limits get too dependent on MAC address.
  • Network suppliers(ISP) additionally utilize your MAC address to perceive and validate a connection to the internet.
  • Access limitations on most systems are centered around a device’s IP address, so when somebody has your MAC address the person in question can without much of a stretch work around these security limitations on IP addresses.

How to Find a MAC Address on Android Device?

One can discover their MAC address by exploring to Settings> About telephone.


How to Change Mac Address on android without root access?

  1. Goto Settings > Internet and Wi-Fi. Tap the Wi-Fi choice (and not the switch nearby) to see a rundown of Wi-Fi systems accessible here. Pick the system to which your phone is right now appended. You will see the MAC address of your phone on the following tab, under Network Info.
  2. Download the ‘Android Terminal Emulator’ from Google Play Store.
  3. Open Android Terminal Emulator and type ‘ip connect show’.
  4. Find your interface name from the rundown. For this model, consider your interface name is ‘wlan0’. Presently, type this order in the terminal emulator to change the MAC address: ‘ip connect set wlan0 XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’ where you need to supplant ‘wlan0’ with your own interface name and ‘XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’ with the new MAC address you need to change to.
  5. Verify if your MAC address has changed appropriately by following Step One.

The methodology has two downsides. As a matter of first importance, it works quite often just on devices running MediaTek processors. The second is, the switch is brief. On the off chance that you restart your phone, your MAC address will unchanged.

how to Change MAC Address with Root Access?

Regardless of whether you’re certain you have your phone established as a decent careful step, we’ll feel free to test it out once. To check the root accessibility, if it’s not too much trouble download the Google Play Store root checker application. The application is free and extremely straightforward. Tap on ‘Check Root’ when you open and you’ll see your root status right away. If device is rooted then follow the below steps to change your MAC address.

  1. Install the BusyBox application from Google Playstore.
  2. Open BusyBox, tap on ‘Introduce’.
  3. Download the ChameleMAC Application.
  4. Install the ChameleMAC application and open the application.
  5. Grant pull authorizations when requested.
  6. Immediately you see a book field with two catches underneath it. One of the catches is producing arbitrary MAC while the other is stating applying another MAC.
  7. If you need an irregular MAC address, enter the new MAC address in the content field and tap Apply new MAC or tap the Create arbitrary MAC button.
  8. Tap Change to change the MAC address on the affirmation take care of which pops.

ChameleMAC is an application that works with root get to and isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store as it clearly breaks a few standards. Google can’t effectively have applications that permit clients to change their MAC addresses. Presently you simply need to mount an APK. Snap the catch beneath to get to the APK. This application also will possibly work in the event that you have a MediaTek chip fueled gadget.

How to Change MAC Address Using BusyBox?

This technique additionally requires the utilization of Terminal, Busybox, and the device being rooted.

  1. Open a terminal window and type these orders: ‘su’ and hit Enter.
  2. If you have not effectively allowed access to the application, it will provoke you for root get to. Tap ‘Permit’.
  3. To know your present system interface name type ‘ip connect show’ and hit enter. Make note of your system interface name. With the end goal of this instructional exercise, we will consider ‘eth0’ to be the interface name.
  4. Now, enter this order: ‘busybox ip interface show eth0’ and press enter.
  5. Your present MAC address will be shown. This is only for your data.
  6. To change the MAC address, type the accompanying command and hit enter: ‘busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’. Change ‘XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’ with any MAC address you want.

To test a similar utilizing the order: ‘busybox iplink display eth0’ you have effectively changed your MAC address. You will see where you entered the new MAC address.

Note: The adjustment in the MAC address through this strategy is perpetual and doesn’t change on restarting the System or device.

Some Android phones don’t generally permit you to modify your MAC address without establishing it, however in case you’re blessed enough you’ll get past that. With each update Android framework is refreshing with new security highlights; it gets hard to change the Android Permanent MAC address. You can attempt to change the MAC address whatever strategy you need, this doesn’t generally make a difference.

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