Casino Tournament In India [Latest] [2020]

Two major poker competitions are as of now booked to occur in the Indian territory of Goa. The Baazi Poker Tour and the India Poker Championship will both occur in January at nearby Goa gambling clubs. The two competitions will permit online poker wagering just as real to life.

The Baazi Poker Tour is right now in progress at Casino Pride 2 in Panjim. The competition began on January second and is relied upon to go on until January fourteenth. An aggregate of Rs. 7 crores ($980,378. USD) is available for anyone.

The online competition wrapped up on January fifth, where Rs. 3 crores ($420,162. USD) was granted to the top finisher. Live-activity play starts today, where members could win up to Rs. 4 crores. A ₹35k crores purchase in is required to take an interest in the competition.


The India Poker Championship (IPC) will likewise occur in Goa promptly following the Baazi competition. The IPC will occur at Big Daddy Casino on January fourteenth.

The real to life raises a fantastic prize of Rs 5 crores ($700,221. USD), and the live competition is relied upon to last around 6 days. The headliner will have a Rs 50,000 purchase in, and the victor will be titled the “India Poker Champion of 2020”.

The online IPC competition will start on January 24th and is planned to go on until February ninth. The online challenge will grant a complete prize pool of Rs 16 crores (USD 2.2 million).


Bodog has been tolerating wagers online since 1994 and propelled its poker webpage in 2004. In the course of recent years, Bodog has developed into the most respectable online poker administrator around the globe. While there are a few decent online poker destinations accessible in India, nobody has been more steady than Bodog throughout the years. Bodog additionally acknowledges rupees to take into account their tremendous base of Indian players.

The PokerBaazi Premier League Winter’17 Edition saw some extraordinary exhibitions by notable names in the Indian poker circuit, however one name-Rubin ‘kornkid’ Labroo, stood apart among them all. Rubin won himself the ‘Baazigar of the Series’ title for an incredible execution on the felts all through the arrangement.

Consistency is probably the greatest trait of a decent poker player, and Team IPN got up to speed with Rubin to discover the stuff to accomplish such figures and scores. Here is the thing that the Delhi based player needed to state paving the way to the PPL Spring’18 version, set to start on the twelfth of February, 2018.

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